Valley Art Gallery is a nonprofit gallery serving artists and community.

Valley Art Gallery is a nonprofit gallery serving artists and community.
With no paid administrator or staff, Valley Art is entirely volunteer run.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun With Lark Brandt and Batik

ON September 27, Lark Brandt led a workshop on painting watercolors on daphne paper and using wax and India ink to produce a batik like effect.
The six of us - Marcia, Jeanne, Mary, Carol, Linda and Livia had so much fun.
The paintings went onto the daphne paper (from Nepal), which came in three weights/thicknesses. We "saved" some of the natural paper's color by dripping wax here and there on it. Lark is at above at left with an example of her work.
After saving some of the natural color we painted flowers, chickens, landscapes and faces with watercolor paint. We then let these paintings dry by hanging them up. After they were dry we could then take them back over to the hot pot of melted wax and "save" some of the colors we wanted to keep because the next step was painting them with black India ink. Oh, and before that, we rolled them up and pinched them so the paint would seep through those cracks and give the paintings a batik effect.
So here is one of my paintings getting rolled up so it will "crackle."
Next is the scary thing - to paint it all over with ink.
You can see the eyes of my lady's face - she's not quite believing what I've done to her! And I can't say I blame her. But have faith. Sometimes things turn out better than expected and one of the fun things about a lot of art techniques is "unexpected consequences." Many times, when we can't really control the medium, or try something "weird," we come up with something beautiful - or at least interesting.
This next step used up quite a few telephone book pages while we ironed out the wax to reveal the finished product. Here she is!
There were many great paintings turned out that Saturday and we were all surprised at how much fun it was. We learned a lot and before we forget exactly how we did it we should try it again. We are hoping Lark will consider teaching another class at Valley Art. If you get a chance, take this instruction from her. I guarantee you will have the time of your life - just playing away! (Remember: You can click on the photos and see them larger.)
Above, at the right, I hope, is a slideshow of the day. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here Are Chalk Art Pictures. Enjoy!

I AM hoping this Chalk Art slide show will show you just a bit of the fun we had Sept. 20th. Join us next year and try a chalk art square for yourself.
For now, click on this link to enjoy a slide show of all the images I was able to take ... and still do a square myself - and dance. I forgot how much fun I had dancing to Big Mama Gayle and Her Sugar Daddies.
(To enable the slideshow, look for the word "slideshow" in the upper left hand corner above the pictures and click on the arrow. The slideshow will start (should start) automatically.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chalk Art Festival Was Spectacular!

WOW, what fun we had. September 20, 2008, is come and gone now, but the 18th annual Chalk Art Festival turned out great. The weather was nearly perfect (no rain).
Over 380 people participated and chalked up squares of sidewalk with brilliant designs and pictures. What imaginations we humans have!
American Gothic - the chalked square - was done by Lillian Read.
There were lots of others and they will appear her soon in a slide show presentation. Stay tuned ... and mark your calendars for next September's third Saturday for the 19th Chalk Art Festival.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Can Chalk Art Get Any Closer?

CAN you say "tomorrow"? Tonight at the gallery - September 19 - Roylene Read and Phil Thias and their Forest Grove High School crew were getting things ready for tomorrow morning.
Folks will be showing up beginning at 9 a.m. The streets must be closed off, however, and the stage set up for Big Mama Gayle and Her Sugar Daddies and the other musicians.
Joe Mishkin will make an appearance and develop outrageous balloon hats for those who stand in line and are patient. Each hat is a one-of-a-kind production and well worth the wait.
Thanks to Valley Art's helpers who swept the sidewalks. And thanks to the students who unpacked chalk, marked squares that were not numbered and lifted and toted. You are wonderful - all of you.
Chalk Art participation is $10, non-members; $7, members. You get a palette of colorful chalk and a square of sidewalk.
See you there!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nearly Chalk Art Time!

EXCITEMENT reigns! Only one more week and then it's Chalk Art Festival on Saturday, Sept. 20.
Last evening there were Living Leaves hung on the tree along Main Street in Forest Grove in remembrance of 9/11 and other world shaping events.
We hope you can join with Valley Art on Saturday to enjoy the Chalk Art Festival, Bizzart Scarecrow display, Joe Mishkin the Balloon Man and Penny's Puppets. All day long, we'll have fun, fun, fun!
There is preregistration for Chalk Art on Wednesday, Sept. 17, from 5 - 8 p.m. at 2022 Main St., Forest Grove. Call 503-357-3703 for more information. I'll include a photo of a Living Leaf - it's one in honor of everyone's "Creative Bone," since we really are all creative when we give ourselves the chance.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chalk Art Festival is Coming!

TIME once again for everyone's favorite summer day - the day of the annual Valley Art Chalk Art Festival in downtown Forest Grove.
This year it falls on September 20 and there is new sidewalk to be had. The city has been busy putting in new sidewalks and thanks to Roylene Read, chairwoman, for coordinating things, there are bronze markers set in the sidewalks (by the workers) for Chalk Art. Now there are many more primo squares - nice, smooth, clean sidewalk.
A square and a large palette of colorful, rich pastel chalk is $10, or $7 for Valley Art members. On September 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. families and individuals will bring their drawings, knee pads, brushes, rags, spray bottles of water (to set the chalk colors, if they wish) and hand wipes and begin the work of making great sidewalk art.
This year there will again be live music, vendors, Joe Mishkin - the Balloon Guy and Penny's Puppets. Admission is free if you just want to watch and enjoy the balloons Joe makes for free (Valley Art pays him) and come see Penny's Puppets, too!
Valley Art Gallery is at 2022 Main St. in Forest Grove. Come by and check us out. Registration for Chalk Art begins at 9 a.m., but there is a special pre-registration this year on Wednesday, Sept. 17, from 5-7:30 p.m. at the gallery. Don't miss out on all the fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Valley Art Reception on First Wednesday.

It's the First Wednesday of the month, and besides Wednesday Market downtown, Valley Art Gallery welcomed artists Michael Orwick and Barbara Hertel.
They showed their lovely, wonderful work and we all enjoyed each other's company.
There was quite a crowd spilling in from the streets and we are glad for all the new exposure.
The welcoming reception table greets visitors and Elk Cove Winery offered tastings of their Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc. Yum!
Barbara Hertel, from Verboort, in the red jacket, visits with friends. Michael Orwick, in the blue shirt, talks with two women visiting the gallery. The lady in the blue is 101 years old. I wish I could tell you her name. She is a gem!
Here is one of Barbara's pots - "Four Moons." You can click on it to see it in more detail - and there is a lot of detail to it. She fires these raku pots in her back yard.
And here is one of Michael's paintings with the setting sun peeking through the trees. His paintings have a fairytale quality about them.
Last but not least I want to tell you how wonderful the front of the Valley Art building is becoming. Thanks to master metal worker, Eric Canon, we have quite a bit of added kinetic sculpture happening at the top of the building. I do so hope this video ends up in this blog space. Let's try it, shall we?