Valley Art Gallery is a nonprofit gallery serving artists and community.

Valley Art Gallery is a nonprofit gallery serving artists and community.
With no paid administrator or staff, Valley Art is entirely volunteer run.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Very Happy 43rd Annual Event!

THE 43rd Annual Artist Event, "Expect the Unexpected," was well attended and offered a delightful range of surprises - beautiful and tasty. From the artists' work to the delicious food offerings from our members, the evening was a great success.
The glittering lights in the gallery, the buzz of people greeting one another and catching up, and all the wonderful art. It was just a sumptuous night of fun. Doug McMickle played guitar, Christine Kidd headed an army of volunteers who kept the table stocked with savory, tasty snacks, and Roylene Read poured wine samples, both local and otherwise. (Oak Knoll wine hit the spot.)
This annual art event is the largest fund raiser for Valley Art Association, since the holiday sales (the same as most retail stores) help carry us through the other months of the year.
Artists in all media - oils, pottery, pastels, wood, jewelry, fabrics, watercolor - had outdone themselves. There were - and still are - a lot of great gifts to select from and there will be some opportunities to discover the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for individual on your holiday shopping list.
Nearly 100 artists - or more - have something unique to offer. Valley Art artists include Jan Shield, Terry Peasley, Jim Hayes, Linda Hayes, Elaine Walzl, Ginger Steele, Fran Richards, Pat Truax, Jan Su Hirst, Amanda Houston, Robert Schlegel, Dave Johnson, Debby Neely, Stephen Moellering, Jane Aukshunas, Laura Hopper, Vergie Ries, Emily Start, Donna Berget, Joanne Sayles, Diane Muhly, Richard and Deborah Bloom, Donna Clark, Dan Ennis, JoAnn Wellner, Jean Noren, Paul Rasmussen, John Howarth and many, many more.
The art event continues through November 22, Sunday, noon to 4 p.m., and then the gallery will restock with more art and you can find very special gifts for very special people, at great prices, in the gallery - even on Christmas Eve when we strive to help those last minute shoppers.
There was only one person missing from the event on Friday the 13th and that was Catherine Wildt, our longtime volunteer who recently moved to the East Coast. We kept looking up expecting to see her, since her work throughout most of 2009 helped us prepare for this event. Catherine, we miss you!